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Simple emoji replacement for Pelican

Installation is simple! Drop this into your plugins directory and add it to be loaded. Copy pelimoji.css to a static path in your theme and ensure it'll be loaded in, whether using the assets plugin to compile it or not.

You'll need to set PELIMOJI_PATH to a directory within your content folder that is part of your STATIC_PATHS set, such as images/emoji if images is in your STATIC_PATHS setting.

To that directory, add any square image files at least 16x16 ending in .png. These will be your emoji, addressable via the filename before the extension, such as :gentoo: if you had a file named gentoo.png in your PELIMOJI_PATH. This is case-sensitive if your filesystem is case-sensitive. 64x64 works best, but any size will do, including 512x512. Just remember, this will affect load speed for your pages.

And that's it! Feel free to submit any suggestions!